Membership Resource Committee

The IMBA's Membership Resource Committee was formed to create engagement with sister associations that focus on homeownership. The committee believes that this engagement benefits the membership through networking opportunities to meet realtors, attorneys, vendors, CPAs, and mortgage professionals that help build careers.  

The committee has designated the individuals below to be point of contact with the associations they are most engaged. 
Look for quarterly newsletters to update the  membership on the groups' activities!

NAHREP, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals
Ernesto Alcatraz, [email protected]   

NAREB, National Association of Real Estate Brokers 
Charlton Seward, [email protected]

AREAA, Asian Real Estate Association of America
Annie Chae, [email protected]

NAMMBA, National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America
Jason Mitchell, [email protected]