President's Message

Sergio Murer, CMB was installed as President of the IMBA for 2020 on February 6, 2020 at the Loews Hotel in Rosemont. Close to 200 members and guests attending the evening to celebrate the 99th Annual Meeting. Here are some excerpts from Sergio's remarks:

Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve as your 2020 Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association President.  I want to thank 2019 President, Joe Logan for his outstanding leadership and the IMBA Board for their support and involvement.  Who am I? I am Sergio Murer, CMB, Regional Sales Executive, Correspondent Sales with Wells Fargo Funding.  I work for the correspondent side of Wells Fargo, where we buy loans and servicing.  I live in Springfield IL, with my wife Liz.

Why am I here?  Why are you here? What does IMBA do?  IMBA's mission is to provide information, educational respurces and effective advocacy to help its members be profitable, ethical and prepared for future challenges.

Many years ago, I was not the strongest supporter of the organization.. I occasionally attended IMBA events but I wondered if my limited involvement was helping my career?  Was it worth the time…?  Many years later, I came to the realization that the more I did in the organization, the more I enjoyed it … and the more I got out of it. Alot more out of it.  As Amy Michalak said to me when asking if I would serve on the IMBA board,  "Don't just talk about making the organization better, get involved to make it happen.  Be part of it, not an observer."  I want to share some of what I have learned:

1. Suren Sampat of Draper and Kramer taught me that...The mortgage business is more about people than business. It is about more than the current transaction.
2. Jim Hettinger from Guaranteed Rate taught me that...The real world is beyond the Wells Fargo bubble. When Jim Hettinger calls, with “This does not make any sense. Do you think it makes sense? It is time to listen. I am now much more focused on issues my customers raise with me. 
3. Bob Gans of Valuation Partners and Anthony Latham of National Title Solutions taught me that...There is a lot more to selling a house than I have learned in the mortgage business. Thank you for your help with selling my house last year.
4. Schuyler Vaughan at CIBC Bank taught me that… Fashion need not be expensive (and there is more life than just mortgages).
5. Kasey Marty of Guaranteed Rate taught me that… There is always enough time, and getting through THE LIST is not always the most important thing.
6. Dave McCormick of First Centennial taught me that...Great ideas are the easy part. Working them through is the more important thing.
7. Tyler Baldocchi at Platinum Home Mortgage taught me that...When working on an issue, hit it from multiple angles to successfully work through it.
8. Amy Collett of Mr. Cooper taught me that… While we compete day in day out, we can learn from one another to be more effective.
9. Dave Gilbert of Chicago Financial Services taught me that… Technology does not necessarily mean complexity.
10. Dave Mueller at Key Mortgage taught me that… Step back from a problem, take a breath, and then calmly work on it.
11. Neena Vlamis of A&N Mortgage taught me that… Tthe most productive meetings start with “We can talk about anything that you want to, except mortgages… “

THE MORAL OF THE STORY:  I have learned to think about the mortgage business from different points of view. It has made me more effective in my job. More importantly, I think that it has helped to be more rounded outside of the mortgage world.  For me, I have learned a lot about the industry, not just factoids but how it really works. To get something out of the IMBA, you must get your hands dirty and get involved.

GOALS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD?  Please attend one more event that you have in the past.
Please introduce someone else to the IMBA. Bring them to an event or committee meeting.

WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THE IMBA? Here are some ideas... Get involved with one of the committees (attend, plan or present at an event): ■ Affordable Housing - John Bradley ■ Legal Issues/Legislative - Brett Natarell ■ Membership - Jason Wroble/Schuyler Vaughan  ■ Programs and Networking - Katina O’Connor  ■ Risk Management - Nathan Britsch and Dave Gilbert  ■ Secondary Marketing - Chris Ortigara and Dave Mueller  ■ Membership Resource Committee - Amy Michalak

Attend the association events. The March 4th Mortgage Lending Conference is around the corner…we have a great lineup of speakers including Joel Kan from the national MBA, Rob Chrisman, Bill Cosgrove, Brandon Svec, Rick Lang, Freddie Mac and an Executive “View from the Top” Round table including:  Paul Diamond, Diamond Residential, Bill Giambrone, Platinum Home, David Hrobon, Wintrust and Kasey Marty, Guaranteed Rate and a Marketing Session that will tell you about cutting=edge solutions to your marketing program.   

Don’t forget the Best in the Business Awards this Fall on Oct. 1st!  It's a wonderful evening that recognizes and highlights the very best in the mortgage business!  

Recruit new IMBA members.  Help with event sponsorships!  This all adds up to help make what the association does possible.

Thank you.  I look forward to a great 2020 with you!