President's Message

 As the IMBA moves into its 100th year, it’s important to reflect on what the organization has seen since 1921, the challenges overcome, and most importantly, the communities each of our members serve. Clearly the next 100 years will not look like the previous 100 years, but I have no doubt our members are up to it.

Although nobody could have foreseen the challenges of our last year, there has been no doubt that the lending community has stepped up to do what’s right for families across Illinois.  In a challenging year, mortgage professionals have risen to the challenge to help keep families in their homes, inject liquidity into neighborhoods, and take care of each other as we work to serve.

On a personal note:  I owe a debt of gratitude to the IMBA.  My manager ten years ago dragged me to a conference because it was clear I was clueless, and I needed training.  What I found was not just a seminar, but a community of other professionals, elevating the debate and sharing ideas freely.  As I joined monthly meetings with the Risk Management Committee (led by the esteemed Jim Jorgenson) I got to sit month after month in a room with people smarter and more experienced, admit that I needed help, and receive expert advice from professionals that had been there, done that.  IMBA is uniquely suited to providing that guidance in Illinois, and it’s worth celebrating.  My career, and life, would have a very different trajectory if someone hadn’t taken me under their wing.

My challenge to each of our members this year:  take someone under your wing.  Recognize someone in your sphere, company, organization, or community.  Elevate them, guide them, and include them.  Give that person the same chance, their shot, so they can be afforded the same opportunity that someone gave when they took that chance on you.  When you need a venue, the IMBA will be there to provide education, networking, and community, not just for one, but for everyone.

Ten years from now, that person will be the position to guide the next generation, same as you did today.  That’s how the IMBA thrives for the next 100 years: by giving back, fostering the next generation of leaders, and doing business the right way.

Thank you to each of our members for your support and partner organizations, as always.  It’s going to be a great year.

Nathan Britsch, CRCM
2021 IMBA President
Executive Vice President, Compliance
Neighborhood Loans
1333 Butterfield Rd. Suite 600 Downers Grove, IL. 60515
Company NMLS# 222982