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Feb 4

100th Annual Meeting

Join us for the Installation of new Officers and Directors!

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Welcome to Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association

In its 100th year, the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association (IMBA) has stood as the state's premier mortgage banking trade association comprised of companies and institutions whose business interests revolve around residential mortgage lending including mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, community banks, national banks, credit unions and those providing services to mortgage lenders, including mortgage insurance companies, title insurance companies, attorneys, appraisers, credit bureaus, compliance and technology service providers and others. 

IMBA’s mission is to provide information, educational resources and effective advocacy to help its members be profitable, ethical and prepared for future challenges.

Valuable Benefits of becoming an IMBA Member:

  • Discounts on high-quality seminars, workshops, and conferences uniquely tailored to the mortgage industry.

  • Member Network

  • Updates on the latest Industry Issues

  • Participation in Mortgage Industry Forums and on Committees

  • Leadership Development Opportunities

  • Affiliated Industry Associations Network

  • Advocacy and much more!

Mortgage Bankers Association Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page.
Find out the latest developments on COVID-19 and its impact on the mortgage/housing markets.

Get Involved With Our Committees!

Join one of IMBA’s Committees and you’ll:

Strengthen your ties with the mortgage lending industry;
Enjoy professional and personal contact with industry colleagues;
Gain a better and more diverse knowledge of the mortgage industry;
Help the Association plan the best possible programs for its members;
Enjoy the satisfaction that you’re giving back something that will benefit others in the business.
Take an important step towards a future leadership role in the IMBA.





president's message: 

When I was a little kid growing up in Joliet, I often visited my grandparents on Wilcox Street.  A big Summer treat was a walk to the small neighborhood market with my grandpa and dad for a soda “pop.”  Some of my fondest memories are those short trips, hearing my grandpa and dad swap stories and banter with the butcher, as fresh steaks were being cut on the chopping block.  Often we would all end-up in front of the store for a pop, leaning on cases of returnable Pepsi bottles, savoring the hot summer sun.  Times change, and the market closed.  My parents bought and rehabbed a house that was built in the 1890s (yes, those ‘90s), and in need of a kitchen expansion.  As part of the project, my dad built a nook for the old chopping block from the Wilcox Street Market.  As if it was yesterday, I remember my parents bringing it home.  They cleaned it in our driveway with bleach and wire brushes, blood running down the driveway.  The chopping block had a second life in my parents’ house, much more sedate than its first life with the butcher.  Once it was in the kitchen and ready for use, my mom made an absolute prohibition on any cutting of meat, veggies or fruit on the chopping block.  It was bread only from that point, and so it was for fifty years.  I sliced a lot of bread baked by my mom and my grandmother on that chopping block.  Over the years, my mom also used it as a staging area for holiday meals.  More recently, the chopping block was showing its age.  More than just the smooth curves of wear from its younger days with the butcher, it was in need of some love and attention.


Annual SPONSOR Partners

The Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Sponsor Partners are so very critical to the association success.  Please know that we highly value our Very Important Partners.  These companies and organizations have demonstrated their commitment to the mortgage banking industry in Illinois. 

Please click here to see the entire list of Annual Sponsor Partners and to learn more about them!